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It’s late winter, but the chill makes your fingers and toes go numb. You’re pulling through the recurring waves of freezing as you wish for spring to hurry. Have you been able to enjoy winter hibernation comfortably in your home or have you had problems?

When it comes to home heating systems, there are numerous options. It will take time and careful consideration to choose the best one for your home.

Before you dive into installing, consider the following factors for various home heating systems.


Home heating systems can be broken down into about 4 main categories: furnaces, radiant heating, heat pumps and space heaters. Each have their virtues and unique uses. Don’t get stuck freezing next winter. Be proactive and set yourself up for warm success.

  1. Radiant Heating: The top radiant heating options include: hydronic systems, radiant ceiling heating, floor and baseboard heating. Hydronic heating utilizes boiling water, heating the home through a pipe system. Ceiling and floor heating both run from electric units. Whether installed through the floors or ceiling, these thermostat-controlled options will send heat throughout as the temperature drops.
  1. Furnaces: If you choose a furnace, you will have endless options to install. Some of the more popular types of furnaces include: gas and electric furnaces, wood-powered, oil-powered and even coal-powered. Determining the needed heating capacity for yours pace will help you to narrow down the choices. Also, check for preferred environmental fuel type and the system fan speeds.
  1. Space Heaters: One of the most popular heating systems, space heaters allow you to warm up specific areas of the house. This works great when you’re able to close doors. This option is easily one of the most cost-friendly options, as it will lessen your heating bill. Since they come in many different shapes and sizes, be sure to choose the appropriate space heater for the designated heating area.
  1. Heat Pumps: If you’re concerned about helping to preserve the planet, heat pumps are a great “green” option. They cost more initially, which turns many away from this option, especially new homeowners. However, this is an extremely efficient option since the heat radiates from beneath the home. Additionally, heat pumps can be reversed and used to cool the home during winter months.


Now that the wheels are turning as you consider your specific heating needs and taste, here are a few more factors to consider. Be sure to ask the technician or sales associate about the following variations before purchasing a system.

  • Energy Saving: This depends on how many residents live in the home. Space heaters will be great for a single owner or a couple, as it only heats the needed areas.
  • Circulation: Know how much of your home you need heated based on how much of the space is frequently used. Do you need half of the room heated or the whole room?
  • Space Saving: If you’re concerned about space or floor hazards for young ones, then look into the systems that go within the home framework. Radiant heating for example, will be installed beneath the floor or above the ceiling.
  • Dustiness: Some systems can get dusty quickly and require routine cleaning. Consider potential germs and allergens that you’ll want to avoid for a healthy home. Also consider how much time you’d need to set aside for cleaning.
  • Noise Level: Probably not your first concern, but the noise level can quickly become a nuisance. Ask about the noise level before you unknowingly install a roaring or grinding system.