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Whether you’re colored intrigued because you have a school full to the brim with nosy children, you’re a company or a organization looking to build an addition to your structure, or you just love the aesthetic of a privacy partition for your bathroom toilet, you have come to the obvious conclusion of investing in one or multiple plastic toilet partitions. Don’t just buy the first pretty thing that catches your fancy though; there’s more to this choice than just what looks good next to your ceramic Winnie the Pooh soap dispenser or your fancy grey and purple marbled floors. Here are the top four perks to why you should take this decision one step further and invest in not just any partition, but a state of the art HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) plastic toilet partition.

Go Green Or Go Home

Sustainability is the keyword here today. As a responsible consumer who is concerned with the current state of affairs for the environment we live in and the knowledge that every little decision we make can have a growing impact on benefiting the welfare off our planet or slowly adding more difficulty for it’s survival, you have already made the best first move you possibly could by looking for an environmentally conscious option. By opting for green, eco friendly products it’s no surprise you’ve turned to HDPE plastics as a potential resource for making your vision a reality. With these HDPE plastic toilet partitions to protect your privacy, you also get the boost in pride that comes from knowing you’re protecting your earth from the added stress that comes from overproduction of wasteful products that aren’t so kind to our planet’s limited resources. A standard plastic can provide you with roughly 30% of HDPE that is recycled from other products that were previously on the market (pre-consumed), but that’s not your only limited option. Today, with a little bit of looking and without even having to leave your own personal computer, iPhone, Windows phone, or Android, a couple of clicks can get you into a whole new world where there are HDPE plastic partition options with 100% of pre-consumed recyclables as it’s source for creating a green friendly available construction option.

Moisture Is For Cakes Not Bathrooms

With HDPE plastic toilet partitions you’re not just buying some weak wall that will need constant fixing, restoration, and irritating upkeep. With a lot of products on the market these days there comes the porous problem of locking in moisture which leads to mold, rust, unsightly stains, and ghastly smells just to name a small collection of recurring issues. HDPE plastic toilet partitions remove all of these problems permanently! High Density Polyethylene is a specifically designed and manufactured breed of plastic that doesn’t have the humongous negative quality of sucking up moisture that most alternative materials do. Polyethylene is what is known as a non-polar substance, meaning that polar substances like water. Due to this difference, plastic and water is similar to the age old phrase about water and vinegar or vinegar and oil. Thanks to their chemical makeup being nothing alike in any way, shape, or form, this means that water and plastic will separate instantaneously. This is why no moisture can be sucked into to the HDPE plastic toilet partitions, why they won’t rust or soil, and why they are extraordinarily easy to clean.

Not Classy: Graffiti

Reason number three why you should take into account the overwhelming pros for purchasing HDPE plastic toilet partitions instead of other sourced materials like woods and metals that often come with lamination as a sealant to minimally protect from all the funky odors and even funkier tagging that goes on in restrooms these days is that HDPE is a substance that is rather difficult to be vandalized and far easier to be cleaned after the crime occurs. Thanks to it’s chemical composure, water isn’t the only liquid chemical HDPE is capable of resisting without the slightest bit of difficulty. Heck, Hard Plastic Ethylene is like a freaking superhero in the world of bathroom advancements. Did you know that the moisture in many forms of multimedia pens, markers, paints, and graphite are equally incapable of causing significant staining against HDPE products? In many cases the product one would attempt to vandalize with, (ie. a marker for example), the chemical components that create the staining ability of said marker would not be capable of penetrating the HDPE plastic material and in almost every case of instance the color of the marker, pen, paint, or graphite would be easily smeared or wiped immediately off without so much elbow grease effort as one would need if the situation was on a partition made of wood or brick or metal.

Wallets Have Feelings Too

While it’s true that at the initial purchase HDPE plastic toilet partitions appear to have a higher cost, one should take notice of the comparative upkeep of other source materials for production of partitions, because they will wind up costing your wallet far more pain than you’d ever expect down the line. When you factor in all the cleaning supplies necessary to maintain appearances, the extremely high costs of maintenance workers when you need a professional door doctor looking in on why your partitions are rusting, breaking, soiling, staining, de-laminating, mildewing, and stinking up your restrooms… not to mention every time a partition will need to be replaced if it’s a product that is consistently being damaged and degraded with inappropriate graffiti and silly people kicking and punching and slamming doors or even just accidentally dropping into them with an awkward suitcase or a heavy book bag. In the long run you are going to save tremendous amounts of money by investing in this sustainable resource that is exceptionally strong and capable of withstanding the test of time. There’s no reason to go out of your way to leave a huge, gaping manhole sized void in your wallet. If you choose to go with partitions that are made from HDPE as oppose to other materials, you will be saving yourself from endless future headaches and will be left with a nice chunk of change that you can either pocket or put towards new advancements in other areas of your building that will earn you the compliments and respectful appreciations from your peers and coworkers of which you clearly deserve.

There you have it. That’s four brilliant reasons coming to you from the little white angel on the right of your shoulder who provides you with only the best advice for your future, your home, your school, your business, and your company. When all the green lights are shouting a profound, all caps, “YES!” and you know the science is on your side, how are you going to argue that purchasing HDPE plastic toilet partitions is anything but the best investment choice for your ambitions? We did the research so you wouldn’t have to stress. Now, all that’s left to do is for you to is run on down to your favorite local supplier and take a gander at the HDPE options available for you today. It’s time to stop thinking and act!