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If you own a business or you are in charge of cleaning it there are a lot of things you come across every single day. One of the most common, and one of the biggest issues, is graffiti in the bathroom partitions. There is no reason for anyone to be drawing on the walls of the bathroom partitions but they do, no one knows exactly when it started or why it continued to be a trend but it can be annoying to see. Especially if you are the one that is tasked with cleaning it. I am here to help you find a way that can help prevent graffiti so that you do not have to spend so much time cleaning it up.

The first thing you need to do, if there is too much graffiti to clean up, just replaced the stalls. If the graffiti is there then people are going to assume that it is okay, if these stalls are old and covered already they are just going to get worse. So you need to replace the stalls with brand new ones so people are more hesitant to draw or write on them. No one wants to ruin something that is brand new, if the old stalls are covered no one is going to care about adding more. If they are new and clean then people get afraid that if they do any kind of graffiti they will get caught. Replace the stalls with brand new ones and that will take down the amount of graffiti by at least 85%.

Another thing that you can do is replace the stalls with something that is graffiti proof. If replacing the stalls with brand new ones doesn’t work, opt for a plastic partition. Markers and pens refuse to work on certain plastics so if you replace the metal with plastic then people can’t graffiti anything and you will no longer have to worry about having to clean it up every single day. If the person causing the graffiti really tries their best, they might be able to get out a few lines but it would take too much effort to really cause damage to plastic stalls. This is a good choice to make and the first one that I recommend trying if you are worried about replacing old stalls with brand new ones will not work.

There is also the option to get a curtain door. This will allow noise to travel better because the sound of doors constantly opening and closing will no longer fill the bathroom. You can hear if someone is drawing on the walls, or trying to, if there is not a door blocking the noise. There are more benefits to this option as well, like less germs traveling because there is no door to touch, and if a criminal runs into the bathroom they can easily be found. No one can lock themselves in the stalls anymore, if a child runs in they can’t get themselves stuck and no door can be left locked from the inside.

If graffiti still manages to find it’s way into your bathrooms, clean it immediately. There is no fun in drawing or writing on something if your work is not left there for others to see. Clean it up immediately and the person who did it will lose the motivation to do it again and no one else will ever see it to think about doing any kind of graffiti themselves. There are different cleaning chemicals that you can get for this job depending on how long the graffiti has been there and what was used to create the drawing or the writing.

You can use a paint thinner, this is used to bring down the color in a room and can work just the same with graffiti. It will slowly make the color more and more faded until it is no longer there. You can also try out different graffiti removal products that are available at supermarkets. If those don’t work you can try a cleaning oil and sanding it down, there is no guarantee that these will work but they are the best cleaning methods for things that refuse to leave the surface you are trying to clean. If every cleaning product that you find somehow fails, bleach is a great cleaner and, as long as you use a mask, you can clean almost anything with it.

There you have it. A couple of ideas on how you can stop and prevent graffiti from coming into your bathrooms, and a few ways that you can remove the graffiti if it is a little too late to be worrying about how to prevent it. Just stay on top of the clean up so that no one thinks about drawing or writing on the stall walls, and if you can catch whoever is leaving the markings then you can make sure that they know what they are doing is bad and they won’t do it again out of fear of getting into trouble.